What's VISTA Fintech?

VISTA is a Global Assets Digital Discrete Investment and Trading Solution based on blockchain technology. Our innovative investment service based on blockchain offers a golden opportunity for investors in financial activities ever. We believe the traditional financial infrastructure is fading and the globe is ready to embrace the new financial age.


Digital Asset Right

Digital Asset brings 21st century technology to existing financial infrastructure, with a particular focus on trading process. In the future, investors will be trading their assets through decentralized VISTA network. We will protect all the asset right both in real world and digital format on blockchain.

Smart Investment

We provide our clients with a complete view of the blockchain based technology landscape. Our global expert team works with each client to help build smart strategies around effective use-cases, investment and implementation.

Trust And Secure

VISTA fully utilizes the blockchain technology in financial investment. The transaction does not involve any intermediaries and can be completed through smart contract. While VISTA has proved highly-tamper resistant, the vulnerabilities in traditional financial infrastructure have been restored with our innovative blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology

All transaction data is fully carried in the VISTA, which is based on decentralized blockchain technology, to ensure absolute security and cannot be artificially tampered with. VISTA will have multi blockchain nodes to ensure the integrity of the data, even if a single node failure, it will not affect the entire system.

VISTA Fintech: Who We Are

We are a blockchain technology based startup company and launching a new financial application for decentralized investment service.

We will do our best to use the Internet technology and BlockChain technology to reconstruct the globe portfolio of high quality assets and transactions. We are committed to provide every person across the world a great opportunity on the investment that meet their flexible needs and having the same paste with the global economy growth.
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Our Vision

  • Everyone can easily participate on the world's highest quality digital assets investment through the VISTA.

VISTA Fintech: Road Map



VISTA will launch and the first digital asset will be online.


VISTA prototype service will release.


Crowdsale global ICO.


Accomplished the feasible test of technical prototype. The first whitepaper released.


We got our first award from UBC.


VISTA Fintech release the first VISTA chain technical infrastructure.


VISTA was founded by Jacky Hsieh in Canada.

VISTA Fintech: Technical Infrastructure

Crowdsale / ICO Plan

Invest now in the Crowdsale, and receive the initial disbursement of VISTA. ERC20 Compliant Token which will be the core of the entire VISTA Fintech solution experience!

VISTA Tokens total supply: 50 million VISTA tokens
ICO Goal: 20 million VISTA tokens Sold
VISTA token per ETH: 350

  • No Pre-sale before ICO
  • Secured! Provided ETH smart contract
  • Realistic limits on budgets
  • Development has been underway now
  • Proof of concept already completed
  • Alpha to be launched soon after ICO completion!
  • ICO Funding will greatly accelerate development
  • Crowdsale/ICO
  • Private Investor
  • Prototype Support
  • Fund

VISTA Tokens are generated by the ethereum and are managed by Vista ECC.

Round 2 will open soon. Participate Our Crowdsale, and get 10% extra bonus!

Ultimate Core Team

VISTA Fintech core team is highly experienced, and is made up of innovators who are passionate about cryptocurrency and its future in real globe financial service . The team is made of some of the financial brightest technology, business and legal minds.


Jacky Hsieh

Founder, CEO

Jacky leads VISTA Fintech services blockchain practice. He has spent the past 10 years in online payment consulting and focusing on blockchain for years.
Micheal Treat

Michael Treat

Partner, CFO

Michael is responsible for developing VISTA growth agenda in different aspects. His past experience in different Fortune 500 firms is a precious to VISTA.


We have a strong consulting team helping us to build an excellent business model and anticipating future obstacles VISTA may encounter.


Jorawar Singh

Senior Director of financial investment service department in ACCENT.

Philippe Dubos

Senior Development Manager of Blockchain industry team

Jomar Ng

Director of Asset Management in REITZ.

Legal Consultant


With more than 7,700 lawyers across the world, DENTONS has the depth of experience and breadth of coverage our customers needs in the future.

The legal team is focused on meeting financial blockchain innovation needs, responding to new infrastructure concerns and finding specific solutions to the business challenges.


As a global law firm from China, Yingke will help our business in Asia Pacific with legal and commercial services.  Being the largest direct-invested law firm in Asia Pacific, Yingke have approximately 5,000 lawyers and legal professionals forming a global service platform to serve the business and legal needs of our clients worldwide.

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